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West Assocaites small company logoWhat are Occupational Psychologists?

The British Psychological Society (BPS) sets out a rigorous programme of qualification and further training to ensure that standards of those individuals operating as Chartered Psychologists are maintained at the highest level.

There are many different types of psychologists operating across the whole spectrum of normal and abnormal human behaviour. Occupational Psychologists deal specifically with human performance in the workplace. They are concerned to ensure that organisations make the very best of their human resources by ensuring that the best people are working in the most appropriate places at the right time. Occupational Psychologists deal with Organisational Development - ensuring that organisations are able to move forward and to evolve to meet the demands of changing markets. They also deal with the people within an organisation. Firstly in the objective recruitment of staff, to ensure that the right person is doing the right job, and then with the development of those staff over time.

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